August 4, 2010

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Say good-bye to blank pages and writer's block.

What is Writing 101? Quite simply, it's a list of all the sources you'll ever need to compose brilliant articles, find new jobs, and climb the freelance ladder even if you've never earned an official degree or conducted an interview before.

Who am I to tell you how to write? I've been working full-time as a freelance writer for over two years, but you don't need to trust me for this site to help you out. Writing 101 isn't a place for me to blather on all day about my opinions on freelance sites or the latest grammar rules. Instead, it's a place where I find the best of the best the web has to offer and link you to it. From the great masters who went the traditional college route to the hard-working freelancers who got here off hard work alone, I keep you updated on new job postings and, most importantly, ways to improve your skills.

Each month we go on a journey to learn a specific new talent, be it improving your grammar or conducting an interview. I'll fill you in on all the free resources awaiting you, and hopefully your new writing abilities will put a little more cash in that wallet of yours. Sit back, relax, and let me do the research for you. After all, what do you think I get paid for? (Alright so I'm not actually getting paid for this. But wouldn't it be nice?)


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